Preserving Your Vehicle’s Interior: The Canvasback Cargo Liner Solution


Welcome to Canvasback, where innovative solutions meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners alike. Founded in the early 1990s by Missy, an avid outdoor enthusiast from Ketchum, Idaho, Canvas Back has revolutionized vehicle cargo protection with its custom cargo liners. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, Canvas Back cargo liners offer unparalleled protection, functionality, and style. Join us as we explore the story behind Canvasback and the benefits of its innovative cargo liners.

The Genesis of Canvasback: Solving a Common Problem with Innovation:

Canvasback, Inc. traces its origins back to Missy. Whose passion for outdoor activities and love for her pets inspired her to find a solution to a common problem faced by many vehicle owners. Tired of dealing with a dirty and damaged vehicle interior caused by wet skis, muddy sports gear, and her beloved dogs. Missy set out to create a solution. Through her ingenuity and determination. She developed a waterproof, fabric cargo liner that provided comprehensive protection for her SUV’s cargo area and back seats. Thus, Canvas Back custom cargo liners were born, offering a unique blend of functionality and durability.

Unmatched Protection and Functionality: The Canvasback Advantage:

Canvasback cargo liners are meticulously designed. To meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, pet owners, and anyone seeking to protect their vehicle’s interior. Crafted from high-quality, waterproof fabric, Canvas Back liners provide superior protection against spills, stains! & damage caused by outdoor gear, pets, and everyday use. What sets Canvas Back apart is its innovative design. Which not only covers the cargo area but also extends up the back of the seats, ensuring total coverage and maximum protection. With features like custom fitment, easy installation, and hassle-free maintenance, Canvasback cargo liners offer unmatched functionality and convenience.

Tailored to Your Vehicle: The Customization Process:

At Canvasback, personalization is important. To ensure a perfect fit and maximum coverage. Each cargo liner is precisely cut to fit the dimensions of your vehicle’s cargo area. Whether you drive a SUV, truck, or hybrid. Canvas Back offers an extensive variety of custom freight liners custom-made to accommodate your vehicle’s particular make and model. Canvasback lets you make your cargo liner what you want it to be by giving you options for single or split-seat configurations. Additional accessories like bumper protectors and seatback covers.

Durability Meets Style: The Aesthetic Appeal of Canvasback:

While functionality is paramount. Canvasback cargo liners also boast a sleek and stylish design that enhances the interior aesthetics of any vehicle. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, Canvas Back liners allow you to personalize your vehicle’s interior while maintaining a cohesive look. Whether you prefer classic black, bold red, or vibrant camo, Canvasback offers options to suit every taste and style.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation: The Canvasback Promise:

Moreover, for over two decades, Canvasback has remained committed to providing customers with the highest quality cargo liners that combine durability, functionality, and style. In addition, with a dedication to innovation and a passion for outdoor adventure, Canvas Back continues to push the boundaries of vehicle cargo protection. Consequently, this ensures that your vehicle’s interior remains clean, dry, and damage-free, no matter where your adventures take you.


In conclusion, Canvas Back custom cargo liners offer the perfect solution for protecting your vehicle’s interior from the rigors of outdoor activities, pets, and everyday use. With their innovative design, In addition, superior protection, furthermore, and stylish aesthetics, Canvas Back liners provide unmatched durability, functionality, and style. Experience the Canvasback advantage and safeguard your vehicle’s interior with a custom cargo liner tailored to fit your vehicle perfectly. In addition, join the countless outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners who trust Canvasback to keep their vehicles clean, dry, and protected on every adventure.

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